Scott Wilk



Will use the displays at Trade Show: “One Of A Kind 2018 – Toronto

(Nov 22 – Dec. 2, 2018)

Enercare Centre Exhibition Place, Toronto


RE: Para Display – Custom Booth

I recently hired P. Akhavan of Para Display to create new showcases for my booth setup which I use at various indoor arts shows including the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. I asked him to make 3 showcases and I also asked him to customize them a bit to suit my needs.

The initial thing that attracted me to Para Display was how the showcases broke down and are easily stored. However, I was a bit skeptical about how easy the showcases would be to build. P. Akhavan came to my home and gave me a demonstration of how everything worked. I was quite impressed by his engineering of the cases, the quality of the build, and also of his professionalism when he came to show me how his cases work. He answered all the questions I had for him, which were numerous.

After receiving the showcases, I test fit everything together and was quite happy with how everything looked, except for some scratches on a couple of the plexiglass windows. I mentioned this to P. Akhavan and he immediately said he would replace them, which he did. Since then I also asked him to make risers for in the showcases to help to elevate my product. He again impressed me with his engineering and handwork capability, the risers were exactly what I wanted.

In summary, I highly recommend Para Display and P. Akhavan. My booth looks extremely professional with the addition of his display cases; and setting up, tearing down, and storing these cases has been a breeze.

Scott Wilk


Actual Photo of the booth with displays at “One Of A Kind Trade Show, Nov. 22 to Dec. 2, 2018”:


Photo of the initial designs of the Booth:



Name: Brandon Hunter
Email: brandon@up.ca
Phone Number:905-220-1122


Re: Para Display – ShowCases

Para Display created a custom version of the 1510 showcase unit for us and we couldn’t be happier with the final product as well as the service. The unit is exactly what we were hoping for, a visually pleasing portable branded showcase unit that we can take with us to events and sponsorship’s.

In addition to providing a great final product the service from Para Display was fantastic start to finish. We needed the customized unit to be completed in a shorter amount of time and Para Display delivered. On top of that, Pay gave a full tutorial on how to set up the unit when he dropped it off at our office.

I would highly recommend Para Display to anyone looking for a good quality portable showcase unit for events and trade shows.

Brandon Hunter
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Bernardi’s Antiques
699 Mt. Pleasant Road
Toronto • Ontario • M4S 2N4
(416) 483-6471 • Fax (416) 483-6849

Re: Para Display – Table Top Display.

We’ve recently purchased a display case from Para Display. Being Antique dealers who frequently  articipate in Antique Fairs it was important for us to have expensive items displayed under a cabinet with lighting – not only for our items to look important but also to prevent theft.

The display cabinet is nicely compact and is easily transported from show to show. Set up is easy, once you do it a few times. I like the finish of the wood, and that the sides are plexiglass – which keeps the weight of the whole cabinet lighter when transporting.

I’d recommend these cabinets to anyone looking for an easy solution for display at trade shows or even as a permanent fixture in their shops.

David Zammit
Bernardi’s Antiques



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